Our Swimming Pool Services

OKC Pool Services offers plans tailored to your individual needs

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance 

Are you getting tired of having to deal with maintaining your pool? Don't have the time to mess with it?  We offer monthly maintenance plans at competitive rates so that you don't have worry about it. 



- Vacuuming & Brushing of the floor, walls & Stairs

- Water skimmed to clean out leaves & debris

- Filters and Returns emptied and cleaned

- Chemicals checked and added if needed to insure proper water balance 

- Backwash, Clean & Maintain pool Pump and Filter

- Consultation with the home owner about pool related needs

Pool Equipment Repair and Service

If you are having issues with your pool our professional service techs are just a phone call away.



- Pump & Filter Problems

- Water & Air Leaks

- Parts Installations / Repair

- Cloudy water problems 

- Consultation with the home owner about pool related needs

Pool Liner Replacement

If you haven't changed out that old grungy pool liner in a while call us and we'll get it changed out for you.



- Removal of old liner and haul off

- Measuring and ordering of new liner

- Installation of new liner

- Liner patches and repairs

- Customer consultation

Install, Remove & Relocate

Do you have an above ground pool that needs to be relocated or are you purchasing new one? Do you need to get an old one removed. Let our dedicated team of installers get you taken care of.



- Above ground pool removal and haul off.

- Installation of new above ground pools.

- Relocating of an existing pool

- Customer consultation

Inground Pool Construction (Liner)

Are you thinking about livening up your backyard with a new pool. 



- Planning and Consulting

- Organize and Supervise the building Process

- Maintain standard complience

- Customer satifaction

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